Track your Business Performance

The personalised dashboard gives a detailed overview of your business. You can monitor your growth and identify potential areas of improvement through readily available business reports.

Features of our dashboards and reports

  • Payment monitoring

    Payment monitoring

    View your entire payment history, track sales, and conversions.

  • Multiple reports

    Multiple reports

    Use the various reports available to view the status of settlements, cancellations, campaigns, and more.

  • Key insights

    Key insights

    Get an overview of your business’ performance and how you are performing against your competition.

  • Customised overview

    Customised overview

    Get transaction reports of a specific duration or those made through a particular payment channel.

Eligibility criteria

To register as a merchant on Bajaj Finserv for Business, you have to be either of the following:

  • An Indian citizen
  • An organisation registered in India

How can I create an account on the Bajaj Finserv for Business App?

If you are new to Bajaj Finserv for Business, follow these steps to create an account:

  1. 1 Download and install the Bajaj Finserv for Business app
  2. 2 Tap on 'Register'
  3. 3 Enter PAN Card number
  4. 4 Enter and verify mobile number
  5. 5 Select GSTIN
  6. 6 Enter business details
  7. 7 Enter and verify email ID
  8. 8 Select option to avail of EMI Finance
  9. 9 Complete Aadhaar KYC
  10. 10 Enter bank account details
  11. 11 Accept E-agreement and pay stamp duty if you want to avail of EMI Finance
  12. 12 Generate a digital QR code or link physical QR code if available

Frequently asked questions

How will I be notified about transactions?

Notification for every successful payment is sent to your registered mobile number. 

View real-time reports of your transactions by following the steps below:

  • Tap on the 'Transactions and Settlements' section in the app menu
  • Tap on a particular transaction to view the details
Can I get a detailed report for any specific duration?
You can follow these steps to get the reports for a specific period:
  • Tap on the ‘Reports' section on the Bajaj Finserv for Business app
  • Tap on the report that you wish to download
  • Select the duration for which you need the report

The reports will be mailed to your registered email ID.

How can I get my transaction reports for more than 90 days?

You can get your business transaction reports for up to 90 days under the ‘Reports' section. In case you want to view transactions older than 90 days, you can raise a request under the 'Help and Support' section of the Bajaj Finserv for Business app.

What are the various reports available on Bajaj Finserv for Business?

The following reports are available on Bajaj Finserv for Business:

  1. Transactions report
  2. Settlement report
  3. Cancellation report
  4. Campaign report
  5. Relationship transaction report
  6. Relationship settlement report
  7. Store activation report
  8. All locations and store report
What are the various dashboards available on Bajaj Finserv for Business?

The following dashboards are available on Bajaj Finserv for Business:

  1. Manufacturer scheme mix dashboard
  2. Merchant scheme mix dashboard
  3. Business growth chart
  4. Campaign dashboard
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